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Easy Aubergine Fatte

By Maha's Kitchen Secrets

Easy Aubergine Fatte - by Maha's Kitchen Secrets

Fatte is a style and a specific technique of preparing a dish with endless options of sauces and toppings. It is one of the iftar dishes that are present at the iftar table made in one way or another alongside lentil soup, chicken soup, jareesh soup, tatar burak, and many other delights. The meaning of fatte: is pieces of bread that soak up the sauce. In the olden days' stale bread was used as the food was scarce and there was no room for waste, it was recycled, nowadays fried bread is more common, but I choose to toast the bread.

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Green Lentil, Tomato & Coriander Soup/Stew

By The Persian Fusion


Soups are more than starters in Persian cuisine. They are usually very hearty and chock full of legumes, herbs, vegetables and noodles. Some look like minestrone, others somehow like porridge or even stews. A lot of our soups have no meat or meat stock in them but believe me, they are so flavourful you won’t even notice there’s no meat. And why meat when you get lots of protein from the legumes anyway?

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By Zaatar Queen


A staple of Palestinian cuisine & a vegetarian’s best friend; hummus has got to be my first post!

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Pumpkin soup

By Karolos Michailidis

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This soup started as a carrot soup. I had seen the recipe on a Greek tv show. But it was a bit too sweet. So, the carrot soup evolved into carrot puree- which will be shared in another post. And the carrot soup became pumpkin soup but keeping the carrots. 


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