Bake2Explore Story

Bake2Explore Story

Bake2Explore is a dream comes true of a bread lover and mindful eater, Leila (the founder). In Bake2Explore we believe that there’s no better way to engage with bread than to bake it fresh in your home, and the wonderful aromas that emanate from your oven and fill the home are an experience not to be missed. We also believe that personal food stories open doors to communicate with other people and explore other cultures and lifestyles. 


Bake2Explore, Makes it Easy

Our mission is to make this wholesome experience of baking your healthy and aromatic flatbread, easy and exciting for all the bread lovers to turn it into your healthier and mindful eating and lifestyle. Your home baked flatbread will be your guilt-free, cultural and aromatic bread experience and a pleasure to share with friends and family.


With Bake2Explore flatbread kits

  • Taste the World

Bake2Explore also helps you explore the cultural background of the recipes you’ll receive. Each kit includes stories related to the bread’s heritage, which have passed from one generation to the next. Travel to other people’s homes and cultures through the flavour, aroma and stories coming out of our kits.

  • Feel at Home Again

There is simply nothing like the aroma of freshly baked bread drifting through your kitchen, delighting your family and friends. Reunite with friends and family from your homeland over a video meal and make your house feel like home again!


From our kitchen to yours - Flatbread Kits

We’re confident that when you’ve seen how simple it is to bake authentic traditional flatbreads from our home baking kits – and how delicious the results are, you’ll want to keep on enjoying this enticing new way to treat yourself - using our subscription options - and your loved ones to good, wholesome food - with our gift boxes. 

  • Quick and easy to bake from pre-measured locally resourced and organic ingredients;
  • Easy-to-follow and step-by-step recipes and fascinating reading about the people and places whose cultures they represent;
  • Selected recipes include wholemeal, naturally vegan and some gluten-free versions;
  • Recyclable packaging.


Bake2Explore puts this delicious style of baking literally at your fingertips, so why not order your first flatbread kit today and try it for yourself.