What does my Bake2Explore food kit include?

Each box contains everything you need to create your flatbread, with the exceptions of the utensils of course (that’s your part!). All high-quality ingredients come pre-measured and ready to mix, where a detailed guide will instruct you through the steps. This guide will not only instruct you through the process but also educate you on the culture and story behind each unique flatbread recipe


Flatbread Making Kits - all you need to make your own bread easy recipe


What does my Bake2Explore bread making kit not include?

With the exception of a splash of oil, pinch of salt and any handy utensils, you should have everything there for you to make your flatbread. If, however, you have any more specific questions about what kits do and do not include then feel free to reach out. 


Can I purchase one off food box?

A one-off box may also be purchased as a gift or as a trial before you subscribe. The recipe in your one off box may be selected whereas subscriptions will have pre-selected flavours for you.

Is the packaging recyclable? 

Yes, all our packaging is recyclable. At Bake2Explore we want to make sure our impact on the planet is very minimal so we do our best to source packaging that is both sturdy and kind to the planet. 


Can I return my box?

We don’t offer returns. We are confident that our kits, with its easy guides and flavoursome ingredients, will supply enough enjoyment that you wouldn’t consider such a thing. 


How will my flatbread making box be delivered?

Your box will be delivered via your local reliable courier. 


Where do the flatbread ingredients originate from?

The ingredients we include will depend on the recipe but, as most of our initial recipes originate from the middle east we source our ingredients from a local, small family run business. Most of them are from a Mill called Shipton Mill which has a great reputation.These are all unique and high quality ingredients chosen for the best flatbread flavour.

Are the kits gluten- free?

Kisra Flatbread Making Kit, is with naturally gluten-free and nut-free ingredients. However may not be suitable for gluten allergen. They are prepared and packed in a kitchen where gluten are used


Are the kits vegan-friendly?

All our flatbread recipes are vegan friendly! This offers a great amount of flexibility when it comes to toppings so get creative and personalise your own. Anything really does go. 


Are the kits suitable for people with nut allergies?

Our recipes do not contain nuts however they are prepared and packed in a kitchen where nuts are used. They therefore may contain traces of nuts.



Where are the Bake2Explore packages available?

Our flatbread making kits and subscriptions are currently only available in the UK for home delivery through your local courier. We have had a great amount of interest for these overseas however we have chosen to focus for the meantime on the UK. We'll keep you updated if this changes.

How do I get in contact with the Bake2Explore team?

All questions are welcome! Just send us an email or direct message on social media. Our email address for inquiries is contact@bake2explore.co.uk