Memorable Customer Experience

Memorable Customer Experience 

Once, a female entrepreneur and founder of two online businesses told me when it comes to customer service and communicating with clients, I always imagine that I have a physical space or shop and how I would like to greet my customers. These lines stick with me and remind me of what is really important for me as a customer in my shopping experience.


As a perfectionist - better to say survival of perfectionism - I get all the details. So I want to see the effort and thoughts behind every detail to make me feel unique as a customer. Communication is essential too. I understand that things sometimes go differently than we want in the business, or for any reason, it is impossible to provide the service that the customers expect. This is life; no one is perfect. But what makes it not okay is the way it is communicated and managed.


I can tell you about a few examples.

  1. Clear and easy-to-navigate website 
  2. Personalisation is critical to delivering a positive customer experience. Create a brand with a story and show who is the genuine person behind the brand.
  3. Customers should be able to quickly contact you. Response times should be fast, and your team should be knowledgeable and friendly.
  4. It is all about building trust, and having clear and transparent policies is one of the steps.
  5. Customer feedback: Regularly collect and use customer feedback to improve your business. This could involve surveys, reviews, or social media monitoring.
  6. Ensure your website is secure and that customer data is protected. 


By following these best practices, online businesses can create a positive and memorable customer experience, increasing customer loyalty and revenue.


What makes a food experience memorable for you

Do you believe in the magic of atmosphere and vibe? I am a woman with a powerful intuition, an eye for detail, and a sensitivity to smells and lights. Add all this to the fact that I travel solo and enjoy it, which means I go to the restaurant and eat solo while travelling.

I agree with Emma Wilson when she says doing what people usually do on their own gives you power. Yes, it is empowering. Also, you are more focused on the food experience, that space, and, more importantly, the customer service and how you've been treated as a solo traveller/restaurant-goer.


 Here I would like to take you to Lisbon, one of the highlights of those experiences.



It was a short stay and my first time in beautiful Lisbon after a quick work trip in the south of Portugal. It was my last night, but my plan to make that night enjoyable and memorable did not go as well as I anticipated. I was dressed up; it was a lovely autumn evening and a bit too late for a new plan. I decided to eat something locally in the neighbourhood where I was staying but something pleasant.

I remembered a cute bistro from my daily city walks – apparently the only dinner place. I decided to pop in. It was a Tuesday evening. I popped into BichoMau and was not sure what to expect. It was a cosy and charming bistro with 20 sitting dinners and two long chairs at the bar for solo eaters

The chef came to me and welcomed me, telling me that all tables were booked. But there is always a seat saved by the bar for those customers who come alone. This unique treatment was enough to realise I was in the right place. During the whole evening, I had the luxury of listening to the chef's story, from how he and his girlfriend decided to open their own restaurant to how they source all the ingredients from local, sustainable family-run suppliers. 

I had a memorable night full of stories and unique new flavours, which made me feel special. I learned a lot from the customer experience and local food and ingredients. Being in an authentic, homey, engaging atmosphere with so much attention to detail was all I needed to wrap up my short stay. 


As an online business owner, I always seek creative, genuine ways to create something exceptional for my customers and audience. That is precisely why every single comment and feedback from you matters. 

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