Effortless and Tasty Bread Making Kits

Flatbread Making Kits

carefully sourced and beautifully presented pre-measured ingredients, recipes and heritage kits directly to your door

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Flatbread Making Kits

Taste the World, Feel at Home

Flatbread Making Kits

Delicious flatbreads to bake at home – everything you need in our easy-to-use kits

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What people say about baking the Bake2Explore way…

It was like a rainbow in my mouth, all new flavour. The stories were unexpected and when I read the first one and started to google more about it I was captivated.


The aroma of fresh bread was amazing in the kitchen. We finished two of the six right after cooking ;)


My kids loved opening the kits and the mixing. After the 2nd week they realised and got excited about recognising your kits in the post. Yes, It’s the bread that mummy’s baking.


“It's been a while since I stopped buying bread and started baking my own, but never tried flatbreads. I liked your kits because everyone was like a new adventure.”


“The packaging was all lovely and I loved that everything was recyclable. The only negative thing for me is that I have been eating them non-stop!!!!!! LOL”


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