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Flatbread Making Workshops

A journey that offers engaging activities to ignite your senses and leave you feeling connected.

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How-To Flatbread Making Videos

From start to finish, I've got you covered with engaging and easy to follow instructions that will have you and your loved ones bonding over the joy of bread-making.

Make Your own Bread


What people say about baking the Bake2Explore way…

Last night I broke new ground with my friends, thanks to a private flatbread-baking workshop. The evening was full of chatter and fun while we waited for the dough to prove. We ended up tasting the flatbreads, alongside the most delicious tomato and roasted pepper dip sauce Leila had prepared for us.


I gave the flatbread kit to my boyfriend for his birthday and we both got stuck into making the flatbreads. The instructions were super easy to follow and the kit provided us with everything we needed. It was such a fun activity for us both!


My daughter and I attended one of Leila's flatbread baking workshops. It was a great evening which I would recommend to anyone who would like to learn a new skill and have an enjoyable evening.


My kids loved opening the kits and the mixing.

After the 2nd week they realised and got excited about recognising your kits in the post. Yes, It’s the bread that mummy’s baking.


“The packaging was all lovely and I loved that everything was recyclable.

The only negative thing for me is that I have been eating them non-stop!!!!!!



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