Team Building Events - Tailor made for Corporate

Let Bake2Explore design an experience that perfectly aligns with your corporate goals,  strengthening team connections & engagement. 

  • Are you ready to transform your workplace into an inspiring hub of creativity and communication?
  • Are you looking for ways to increase well-being within your team and show them you care and value them?
  • Are you looking for creative and engaging solutions to bring the team together in the hybrid working setting?
  • Do you care about cohesion, connection, and collaboration in your team?
  • Are you running a motivated and growing team, but you are a small business or a start-up?

If your answer to any of these questions is YES, Leila's Flatbread Making Workshops & Team Bonding Events is what you need to consider.


engaging workshop settings with cultural connection and storytelling 

The benefits:

  • Team bonding events can play a significant role in increasing well-being, connection and engagement in the workplace. 
  • Research findings show that team's energy and engagement outside formal meetings contribute to increase in productivity.
  • Baking is a scenery and mindful experience. It is considered as a grounding practice, which connects people to the present moment
  • Bake2Explore unique workshops & events are more than a how-to for bread. They bring your team together through cultural connections, childhood memories and unique personal stories. That connection create space for better communication and engagement.

Team bonding events all ingredients provided

What's next - Contact Leila for a quote

Contacting her will save you the time, resources and flexibility you need to create an enjoyable event that works for your team.

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Team building flat bread making workshop  

Flatbread Making Workshop Day

  • All levels welcome and materials included.
  • Ideal as an after work team building event for a team of 10-15 team members. 
  • No particular skills needed, as Leila will take everyone through a step-by-step, easy to follow and engaging baking journey.
  • The bread we make together, are vegan and vegetarian friendly. 
  • All the ingredients are locally sourced, from organic family run sustainable producers and makers.
  • All participants will take home from the experience, a Bake2Explore Flatbread Making Kits which includes a dough scraper, a dough scraper, a spice sample, a recipe card with the cultural story behind the bread, along with a photo.

Flatbread making workshops connect people together team work


Duration of the session

    • Each session lasts two hours of engaging activity, with lots of food stories and an excellent chance to connect and engage with your team. However, Bake2Explore is open to negotiating the sessions' format based on your corporate needs. 
    • These workshops are ideal for working on a hybrid system outside the formal workspace context.

Freshly baked bread from the oven