In Search of New Ways to Communicate Food Stories

 It's all about engaging with food and knowing it by reconnecting to our roots through family recipes, childhood memories, collective experiences, and exploring new flavours and aromas. I aim to explore other areas to engage more with our food, and I am taking you on this journey.


Your Friday Podcast fix - is happening on social media.

 It has been a while since I wanted to set up my podcast, but I needed more confidence and preparation until I reached that point. However, as part of that preparation, I started to look for podcasts that, in one way or another, invite us to engage with our food and talk about connections, cultural roots and heritage, and conscious choices. 

From this month, every Friday, I will share one podcast with my online community on social media and those food lovers like yourself looking for exciting content. I will write about my experience and their unique approach to food.


What is on the menu this month so far

Gilly's podcast is one of my favourites her passionate voice, storytelling skills and range of exciting guests she spoke. She introduced her exciting award-winning podcast this way, "It is all about all life, from climate change to culture and politics to people, through the prism of food". 

The podcast is the winner of The Guild of Food Writers' Best Broadcast or Podcast Award 2022. 


I love how she describes her podcast as "a cookery podcast exploring the uncelebrated art of eating alone." She is a creative industrial designer, baker, chef and author of "How to Eat Your Christmas Tree."

First, I leant about her and her university project, "The Bread Companion", which is a mobile bread-making oven. Then about her podcast, which I resonate with a lot. Especially since I am new in Athens and trying to return to the old habit of eating in a restaurant alone. Even though it feels strange in a city where you can rarely see anyone doing anything without company.

I picked this podcast a) because of its focus on food stories and b) her choice of guests.

One of my favourite episodes is "Capturing Food Memories with Lisa & Sarah Lisson" and their project. The Food Memory Project is an exciting project by a mother and daughter. Sarah, a dietitian and food blogger who has always measured her life in meals, and her mom Lisa, a genealogist with a passion for helping people uncover and share their heritage. 


"unpopular and marginalised subject, matters". Food Behind Bars is a social justice project about food and its power to transform lives.

They work with prisons on the subject of food - to improve the lives of those eating it and support the people making it. They deliver practical food-based education, promote healthy eating and exciting design food and drink initiatives to impact prisoners' health and well-being positively.


Podcast guesting

I am interested in exploring the world of podcasting by speaking on other people's podcasts and podcast guesting. Plus, by the end of this year will start my podcasts. 

 Please get in touch if you run a podcast or have already listened to podcasts relevant to food stories, connection with our roots, cultural heritage and childhood memories. 


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