The Rise and Rise of Flatbreads

No to boring variety of doughy and yeast-laden breads

For decades the bread aisles of UK supermarkets have looked the same, but change is on the horizon thanks to the growth of the flatbread market. Consumers are no longer content with the boring variety of doughy and yeast-laden breads that adorn the shelves, but are hungering after bread with a story, with culture, with a heritage - with something more to offer. 

Engage with the bread

There’s no better way to engage with bread than to bake it fresh in your home, and the wonderful aromas that emanate from your oven and fill the home are an experience not to be missed. There are a range of high-tech bread makers on the market which seek to replicate modern bread production, but for millions of people across the world - especially in the Middle East - authentic flatbreads are prepared daily and lovingly in no time at all. You don’t need expensive machinery or huge amounts of time to make flatbreads, and it is an activity that can bring the family together. 

‘Give us this day our daily bread’ is a famous quote from scripture, and whilst we know that bread is a daily staple all over the planet, most Western bakers don’t really know the variety on offer. Flatbreads in particular have a huge range, from thin kisra, spongy lahoh, fluffy naans and samoon to lavash, tortillas and taboon - there’s a flatbread for every occasion. 


Why flatbread?

Flatbreads are much easier to make and bake than traditional leavened bread which takes hours to knead and prove. A small batch can be prepared quickly, and packs which have pre-measured ingredients ready to mix make the process a joyful, inspirational experience rather than a chore. 

Flatbreads also have the benefit of being able to fit into most healthy diets and lifestyles, with many being vegan, halal or kosher, providing consumers with new and exciting authentic options which are not only healthy and tasty but highly convenient. You can wrap up meats, vegetables, cheese or pulses in them for a mid-afternoon snack, use them as side accompaniments to soup, stews, and salads or use them for dipping in hummus, baba ganoush and mutabal. The very act of ripping and dipping, or scooping and tearing makes mealtimes altogether more enjoyable. 


Celebrate this diverse world of flatbread

If you’d like to step into and explore the wonderful world of flatbreads, then our kits provide the perfect avenue to become more adventurous in your kitchen with a family-friendly staple. Lovingly prepared by hand, you can create your own experiences and memories as you learn more about the authenticity of the ingredients and gain a greater understanding of cooking methods of flatbread


Bake2Explore puts this delicious style of baking literally at your fingertips, so why not get in touch today and try it today. Each kit includes beautifully presented material with a recipe card which tells the stories of the women who shared recipes with us and provides an insight into their daily lives and the cultures that shaped them.



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