How Flatbread Helps to Make Healthier Choices

How Flatbread Helps to Make Healthier Choices

Our online behaviour and shopping pattern show that we are increasingly looking for healthier food options. The carb intake, including bread, is one the hottest topics regarding health and eating choices. The fantastic benefits of wholemeal Flatbread, including the fact that it’s easy to make and filling while still being nutritious, make it a popular choice. In addition to all of this, it’s also world food, one we haven’t become bored of yet. One that could transport you to sunnier climes as you eat. It’s versatile, and with so many health benefit, including being rich in fibre and low in sugar, it can be entirely bespoke for you.

Here are some other ways Flatbread helps you make more mindful choices.


ALL the Meals

Flatbread is so versatile that it can be used for any meal, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner, teatime or supper or brunch. It can be a starter or a dessert. It can be added to packed lunches for work or school and be the main meal or a side dish. There’s no other food as versatile as this.


Sweet or Savoury

Flatbread can be eaten with honey or yoghurt, with fruit or roasted vegetables. It’s also terrific on its own, freshly baked, warm straight out of the oven and dipped in a bit of virgin olive oil or topped with a knob of soft cheese.


Quick Cooking Time

Flatbread takes just a few minutes to cook, meaning you keep your utility bills down. You can cook it in a cast iron pan on the hob or over a gas flame. It’s also effortless to cook on a barbecue.


Flatbread Dough Gives You the Freedom in Baking

Wholemeal flour is nutritious and filling. If you’d like to stretch the number of the Flatbread and have more crunchy ones, simply roll it thinner. You can also save your floppy herbs by adding them to the dough and adding to the taste. You can use the bread as a pocket for a whole sandwich. If you roll it thicker, you can make it into a delirious base for your next-day omelette, avocado slices, or fried eggs. Soft cheese goes with it.


Flatbread is Flavoursome

 One of the worst aspects of feeding families a home-cooked meal is the repetition of dishes; however, this never happens with Flatbread. You can add herbs and spices, cheese, and savoury ingredients throughout the baking process to produce different pieces of bread with various flavours. You can even turn it into a flatbread pizza with your favourite toppings. Once baked, you can eat it alone, as sandwiches, wraps and dipping bread.


Save the leftovers – Make Flatbread Chips

 Freshly baked Flatbread hot from the oven is hard to resist. But save a bite if you have some leftovers and your bread becomes dry after a few days. Make flatbread chips out of them and serve either as a healthy snack with yoghurt or add it to your salad.

Flatbread has a rich history of feeding many people on a budget when ingredients were scarce and hard to come by. Today it is enjoyed by those who appreciate its taste and versatility and is seen as a more cultured food adored by families and foodies.


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