How to Make and Bake Flatbread on the BBQ

Flatbread BBQ

 How to Make and Bake Flatbread on the BBQ

 The sun is creeping out from behind the clouds, brighter days are coming. Gardens are being prepared to host family and friends and the barbecue is enjoying its annual deep clean.

 We can almost smell the sweet smoky aroma distinct to cooking over open coals, unmistakable, mouth-watering and a mood lifter for all ages.

 Every barbecue needs side dishes, food to add to the feast, sides to take the usual barbecue to the next level, to a true lunchtime dining experience. Flatbread is the ultimate side to cook on the BBQ, to wow the guests, with the preparation, the process and most of all with the aroma of freshly baked bread as it mingles with the scents of freshly cut grass and melting sun cream.


The History of Baking Flatbread

 Baking flatbread on a BBQ is so simple, it’s the way the bread is supposed to be baked, the way it was offered many centuries ago as oval clay ovens produced slightly charred flatbread infused with the flavours of heavy woody notes and an open flame. By cooking your flatbread on the BBQ you’ll enjoy it the way your ancestors did, pure, unadulterated, and packed full of flavour. You can find out much more about the ovens used in the Taboon story in Leila’s flatbread making kit.


To bake it on the BBQ all you need is a fireproof non-stick sheet

How to Bake Your Flatbread

To bake it on the BBQ all you need is a fireproof non-stick sheet, this could be non-stick oven liners, a thin metal tray or flat roasting dish. It’s important that’s it’s flat so the smoke from the charcoal can permeate the sides of the flatbread.

 Prepare your dough as you would when cooking in your kitchen and leave the dough to proof. When the BBQ is at the optimum temperature place your liner on the grill. Do not close the lid. Let the liner warm up and then place your flatbread on top. After a few minutes you can flip your flatbread or remove it from the BBQ.

It’s important to watch your flatbread bake, guests will want to do this too. It will only take five minutes to cook but as temperatures are often unregulated on outdoor ovens it’s important to keep an eye on it and to remove it when you see it is cooked through.


How to Serve Your BBQ Flatbread

 Serve it immediately so guests can enjoy it warm. It can be used to wrap up meat and vegetables from the grill or dipped in any number of dips or salad dressings. Leila loves a dip she makes from finely chopped parsley, roughly chopped mint, olive oil and chilli, it takes seconds, and most ingredients can be taken straight from the garden.

It’s also delicious with Halloumi, which can also be cooked directly on the grill. A sweet, salty cheese, warm delicious bread, and a cooling, refreshing dip, all you need now are the cocktails!


Serve your baked flatbread on the BBQ warm with dips and salads

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