Four Ways to Feed a Family with Flatbread

Four Ways to Feed a Family with Flatbread

Costs are rising everywhere prompting people to look for cheap nutritious meal ideas. Fortunately, in the UK, we have such a mix of incredible cultures that our choices are limitless. We don’t have to rely on egg and chips as we did in the eighties, now we can Bake 2 Explore countries and continents, cultures, and cuisines from our very own kitchen.

 Flatbread is one food that is cheap to make yet superbly delicious. It’s versatile and nutritious and changes every time it’s made. It’s a side dish or a meal that never becomes old, and with some speciality flour and a little time, you can create dishes that the whole family will love.


The Skinny Dipper

 For a low-calorie meal bake your flatbread, add seasoning according to taste during the baking process and add herbs and spices if you wish. Then, instead of using high fat sour cream, use yogurt for dips. With a few onion granules and garlic paste you can make a delicious garlic and onion dip; with a little mint sauce and lemon juice you can make a refreshing mint dip. This is a great meal to have as a lunch or brunch and even better when shared with someone you love.


The Wrap Around

 Flatbread can be used as a nutritious, filling wrap. It has more substance than a tortilla so this will really fill you up fast. Fill your wraps with vegetables, lettuce, courgettes, peppers, and tomatoes, or go meaty with chicken or beef. You can try mixing cuisines, with an Italian wrap of tomato, mozzarella and basil, an Indian wrap of spicy, butter chicken, or an English wrap of cheese and pickle!


The Perfect Pizza

 Flatbread is an excellent base for making your own pizza. Children will adore choosing their topping to add. All you need is a little tomato paste, some grated cheese, and toppings of your choice. Try pepperoni, ham, and mushroom, or spice it up a little with some flaming hot chicken! Once topped with your favourite foods, it only needs to go back in the oven for five minutes before it’s ready to eat!


The Sweet Bread

 Flatbread is so versatile that it can easily be transformed into a delicious dessert. If you’re looking for a quick pudding, simply drizzle with runny honey and sprinkle with nuts (we love pistachios for this). You can also use it as a sweet base and top it with summer fruits or if you fancy a twist on a UK classic, try flatbread bread and butter pudding, you won’t regret it!

If you are tempted to turn your flatbread sweet, add a drop of vanilla essence when baking your flatbread for sweeter depth of flavour.

These are just four ideas for turning your flatbread into a meal, there are dozens of ways to eat flatbread, each one more scrumptious than the last. As flatbread is organic, gluten free and vegan it’s easy to adapt it to suit any dietary preference too. Join us on Instagram to be inspired and order your flatbread making kit today to get started!

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