Five Great Reasons to Choose Flatbread

Five Great Reasons to Choose Flatbread

 Flatbread may not be the first thing on your mind when you wake up in the morning, and yes, we are a little biased, but it can, literally change your life in many ways.

It can improve your health, your mealtimes, your diet, even the conversations around the dinner table which is why we bring you the five great reasons to choose flatbread for this evening’s meal.

  1. It’s Unique to Your Personality

No two flatbreads are the same. Bake with your friends or a family member and you’ll see that every person makes their flatbread in a different way. In the future we will have a blog which shows you what your flatbread says about you, but for now, take a look at how your partner makes their flatbread. How is yours different? You’ll notice differences in shape, in texture, even the length of time they like it to bake for. Do you prefer yours doughy or a little more like toast? There are so many ways to make it and the way you make yours says a lot about your culinary tastes.

  1. It’s Versatile

Flatbread can be eaten as a savoury or sweet dish which makes it easy to enjoy for any meal. It can easily be the main meal, the star of the show. You can eat it as a pancake with sweet toppings such as syrup and berries, as a pizza with savoury topping of cheese and tomato or it can be the side dish and used to clean plates, dip into sauces and soups, or simply as a wholesome snack. Nothing beats flatbread straight from the oven with a little butter melting on top. It’s the perfect comfort food.

  1. It’s Non-Bloating and Often Gluten Free

Flatbread can fill you up and provide sustenance to ensure you feel energised and replete, however it’s also great as a side dish as it doesn’t deliver the bloating feeling that other breads can. It doesn’t leave you feeling like you have a heavy stomach, doesn’t leave you sluggish or lethargic. It refreshes and invigorates as healthy food should.

  1. It’s Quick and Easy

Making flatbread is child’s play, and anyone of almost any age can get involved. It’s ready in minutes and brings a homemade flavour to any meal. It’s a great way to bake with those who have little patience, and the results are amazing.

  1. It’s Vegan

Flatbread is vegan, dairy free, often gluten free and so fits with all diets. It’s a great staple to use when having friends with dietary requirements over for dinner as it can be a base for an entire meal, a starter, or a side dish. It’s a people pleaser.

  1. The Possibilities are Endless

There are many varieties of flatbread with different origins, different ingredients, different flours that one will never become bored of exploring this wonder food. Take a look at the flatbreads we have on offer right now and keep your eyes peeled for further kits to be added soon.

  1. There’s More than Five Reasons to Love Flatbread

We couldn’t stop at 5, we could talk about flatbread all day, however if these reasons haven’t convinced you, bake some, enjoy it warm, inhale the aromas, embrace the imperfections, and then think again!

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