Ways to Enjoy a Bread Making Subscription Box

Ways to Enjoy a Bread Making Subscription Box

Feedback from customers has shown us that there are many ways you love to enjoy your flat bread making subscription box, so we have brought them all together in order to highlight how versatile and heart-warming this simple food subscription box is.


Families Come Together with Flatbread

 We all know how important it is to spend time together as a family, away from screens, the TV and other distractions. Doing activities together as a family deepens bonds and paves the way for conversations that may not have occurred otherwise. It’s a wonderful way to connect and to release the natural feel-good endorphins and hormone oxytocin, which is responsible for forming deep, meaningful, loving relationships.

 Some of our customers tell us that their children keep an eye on the post and squeal with excitement when they see the Bake2Explore logo on a box. It’s not just the bread they’re excited to eat (although it is delicious) but they look forward to the whole experience, spending time with their parents and creating something special. They feel proud of their accomplishments when making our flatbread and glow with this pride as they understand they are responsible for the murmurs of enjoyment around the dinner table.

 Our Taboon Flatbread Making Kit is so simple that children need little instruction from parents and so can feel completely independent when making the bread. It is their creation. The versatility allows for the addition of flavours, herbs, and spices so they can make it entirely their own.


Reap the Rewards Round the Dinner Table

 As well as coming together to make the flatbread, families also come together to reap the rewards around the dinner table. Picture the scene, a family of four, the children luminescent with pride as the soft salty butter melts on the fresh warm flatbread and chatter ensues while everyone enjoys the meal they made together.

 This is just one of the images that Leila has when spending her time creating the kits, before carefully packaging, adding the logo, and sending out to homes across the world.

 A lot of families today find it difficult to synchronise mealtimes, to all sit down together for the evening meal. After school clubs, work commitments and more play a part but once you’re signed up to a flatbread making kit subscription, you’ll know that family dinner night is coming soon. It’s something to look forward to, something to enjoy, something to help you create those precious family memories that will last a lifetime.


Solo Mindfulness Practices

 You don’t have to be part of a couple or family to enjoy the benefits of the flatbread subscription box. Bread making is very therapeutic and an extremely rewarding mindfulness practice that calms the nerves and centres the soul. Along with feeding the mind by creating calm where there’s often a storm, the partaking in flatbread provides nourishment and nutrition. Of course, by subscribing to a flat bread making kit you automatically join the Bake2Explore family. Be sure to tag us on Instagram and Twitter so we can marvel at your creations. One of Leila’s favourite things to do is seeing which meals bakers pair their flat bread with, so you can be certain our founder will see your post!


Share the Love

 The two box a month subscription is easily used by couples and families, as there are so many meals that can be enhanced with vegan, organic flatbread. However, some of our customers prefer to give away the second box. They keep one for themselves and give one away to someone they care about, someone they want to give some love in a box to. Our customers tell us that they have such an amazing experience learning about the flatbread, baking and then eating the flatbread that they want those their love to enjoy the experience too.


Sign up for your subscription now and create your regular family flatbread night!

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